About Canine Restoration

I am a certified Canine Myofunctional Therapist, offering therapeutic massage to dogs in Perth metropolitan area, and other areas on request.

It is very enjoyable and rewarding to give a massage and observe the dog appreciate what is being done. Initially, it can take them a bit of  time to relax because unlike with human massage, no one can explain what is going to happen! This is why the massage is done in the comfort of your own home, in a place where they feel secure and comfortable. It will require a quiet environment without distractions from family members or other pets.

Dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes can be massaged, however, if your dog has any behavioural issues, please mention this when booking an appointment so that it can be discussed further.

I particularly specialise in dachshunds, having owned many over the years and am familiar with the back problems the breed suffers from, and IVDD.

Canine Restoration aims to relax, restore and revitalise your dog, helping achieve optimum health and mobility.

Why Massage?

Massage is such a powerful therapy. It aids the body by increasing the supply of nutrients and removing the toxins. It also boosts the immune system, which is so vital in tackling illness, disease and inflammation. Any dog will benefit from massage, whether preventative: keeping the muscles in good health without any knots or strains; or therapeutic, aiding recovery after surgery or illness, or loosening stiff muscles associated with old age and arthritis. A competitive or agility dog also reaps benefits by muscles being kept supple and any scarring or knots in muscles from over-exertion treated.

Even if your dog has no physical demands or health issues, a massage every 3 months will help keep the body systems of your wonderful companion functioning well.